Trying to think of a new bad thing to say about the world every day makes me think in
interesting new directions. I could whimper and whine about that last random person
on the freeway who irritated me by driving by some different rules that
I don’t follow. I could
go on and on about this or that facet of society, but all of that has been overplayed
anyway. So I strive to actually come up with something insightful. I try not to
fail you, my adoring reading public (how ever few of you there might be).

But sometimes I do, and doesn’t that just suck?

I got some new music in the mail yesterday. It was expected, but I had no idea what it
would be. It turned out to be two CD’s from bands I had never heard of. I like both of
them, though I haven’t had much opportunity to really get into them. They are both
sort of experimental rock in a somewhat Sonic Youthy sort of vibe. I like that vibe, and
I don’t have enough of it in my music collection.

Whenever I get some new music that’s really radically different than what I have
been listening to, it inspires me to write new things and make new things and
think new things and just do new things in general. It inspires me to live.

I have been inspired. Thanks, lady.

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