Hmmm. These posts have slipped a day behind somehow… don’t worry, I’ll catch up.

So, I noticed while I was in the store shopping for dishsoap that Proctor & Gamble, the
evillest capitalist fuckers around, make like every single brand of dishsoap, laundry
detergent and all that sort of stuff. Well, they don’t make every single brand, but
they make more than anybody else, and more than half of them in a lot of cases. That’s
creepy. They make Tide, Era, Cheer, and All. All four of those! I stay away from
them because they test on animals and they are fuckers. Fuckers. Anyway, then today
while I was in the bathroom, it occurred to me that my charmin toilet paper was
probably made by them, too… they like product names like that… so I looked
on the back, and sure enough it says Proctor & Gamble! fuckers.

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