Dee doo.
Polka poo.
Riding up from somewhere new.
Tell me who my friends are and I’ll believe what they tell me.
No questions asked.

Odd Dream.

I was wearing a red and white striped outfit, sorta tight with shorts over the top. The shirt had horizontal stripes and the pants vertical. I was carrying a big bright yellow duffel bag. I was going to the gym, but I didn’t know exactly where it was. I started out in a big building with lots of rooms, and one of the doors led to a big open field/park with lots of people milling around. I recognized one of them and asked where the gym was. He pointed to a building right in front of me. I’m not sure how I had missed it. It had a bid sign that said, “The Gym”. I walked through it in my strange outfit and ended up outside the back, where I found my meeting. I had apparently been invited to play tennis with Mr. Big from Sex and the City and some of his rich buddies. I left my duffel bag outside and went into the court and played very badly. At one point, when I was about to serve for the first time, they decided to end the game there.

A little miffed, I followed them out of the tennis court and over to a blanket on the ground I thought they had gone to. I came up to the blanket and one of the four was sitting on it. A steady stream of people, 3 or 4 wide, was walking across the near side of the blanket, blocking my way. I said something like, “I didn’t realize I had stumbled onto a freeway”, or something. Sorta funny, but not really.

Eventually, I was able to jump into the crowd and disrupt the flow of people walking across. Suddenly, there were people walking in all different directions and I lost sight of the one person I recognized, so I decided to just go home.

I started heading back the way I had come and made it a little ways before I realized I had left my bag (with a bunch of stuff!) back at the tennis courts. I was wandering around in the old building I had passed through on my way to the gym. I turned around to try to find my way back to the gym, but everywhere I turned was a new room or a room I had already been in and none of the doors led back to the open field/park. I kept finding rooms set up with lots of chairs for a meeting or presentation or something. Old black and white movies were playing on projectors in some of them. At first, nobody was watching, but as I wandered around in circles longer, more and more people were in each room.

Some of the parts of the building were decorated in elaborate, bright flourescent paint with pictures of flowers and cartoon characters and other ravey stuff. Other parts were dark offices. I also kept passing an electrician working in a closet with a small light. That might explain why it was so dark in some areas.

Eventually, I made my way to what looked like a studio where a band might record an album. The floors were wood and the walls looked sound-absorbent. There were several studio rooms, but still none of them led back to the gym. One of the rooms had some old recording equipment and some of the people in the room with me were very interested in it.

I was frantic wondering where my duffel bag was still, but I had realized that I did indeed have my wallet with me so it wasn’t as big of a deal as it could have been. I also eventually did find myself back in the park/field and all the people were gone and the lights were out. I wandered through the gym, but didn’t find my bag there…

Then I woke up.

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My kitty came back to me.
She just sort of came up to the front door one morning. Now, a few days later, she’s happilly cruising in and out on a regular basis. She hangs out outside with the cats all day and comes in with us when we return in the evening so we can feed her. She’s even back to her old usual eating habits, too. I think she might even get her gut back after awhile.

Happy days.

I have a terrible eye sore, quite literally. My eye is all swollen and puffy and red and disgusting. A minor irritation somehow developed into an icky bacterial infection. I have some eye drops and I’ve been directed to put warm tea bags on it from time to time (doctors today!) and I’m keeping my faith.

I hope it goes away. I have trouble enough in social situations as it is.

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Willy took me by the hand, and where he took me is a mystery.
What I do know is that I could just barely start to make out some writing on the wall, but then it would change right when I actually thought I might recognize one of the characters.

He left me by myself for a few minutes while he darted into one of the shadows. I should have probably been scared, but I really wasn’t, for some reason.

After a few minutes, I heard a noise somewhere behind me, and I twisted on my toes to meet it. I couldn’t figure out exactly which direction it was emanating from so I kept my eyes peeled.

A small fuzzy figure trotted up to me and sat down. It looked a bit like a dog, but not totally so. It seemed friendly, so I reached out my hand. He reached forward to meet it. He paused, took what seemed to be a very deliberate sniff, and then said,
“You expect me to lick THAT hand?”

The pig in the poke took out a smoke and offered it up to me.
I paused for a moment, reached out for it, and popped it in my mouth.
The pig whipped out a lighter from behind his back, and flipped it over to me.
Too tired to be troubled, I took it and lit my smoke.

“Thanks,” I said.

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Fire and fury,
shoes and see-through socks all in one.
A touch of scepter something,
and a hint of sulphur scent.

An inquiry into never-never land, for a change of pace.
and maybe something around nobodyville will do, too.
A hierarchy of hemispheres stacked one by one,
and falling come down crashing all around you.

And laughing ahah you go running through the trees,
and the large brances sway with your wind
and follow you along your path, onward into hope,
and forward into faith.

pound pound poof, you’re it!
take the bag, and race to the bank.
you’ll never make it, because it’s my game!
you’ll still try just the same, though.

The attempt is all you have left.
once you let go of that, you’ll fly up into the sun, and never be heard from again.
And that might be ok.
But who’s to say?

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tricky overwhelms the beauty of the day. So cynical.

It does sometimes seem like things are never going to be perfect. and of course they aren’t, I suppose. We are together learning something great. I must believe that. It keeps me going on.

And I need to keep going on, so I can help keep everyone else going on as well. Together, we will be able to go somewhere, whatever that means.
Only together.

And even miniver is part of ‘us’ now.

Separation in space.
it holds us apart, and wills us together… We reach out for something that is nothing at all and we are not surprised when we actually do find a thing, maybe not everything, but you know, what can you really ask for these days anyway?

And drowning in our own personal amusement, we stroll through the obscenities of our obscurity and wish them on other people. And don’t we now?

And ambiguous and ambivalent, the crazy crowded clown schools, churn out professional insaners and we weep on the shoulders of the innocent and the poor.

And still you tempt me with your juices and your sweet oh sweet smelling loins. And you know I can’t resist, and I sometimes know I must, but other times I know nothing other than my desire, and you taunt me.
You are the answer hanging in front of me…

Grasping at weeping willows and shirking my duties as god of my realm and crumbles come crashing down around me, and we laugh at the funny man on the big screen as he tells us our children will die young. It is too frightful to be true, so we pretend we understand the joke, and walk out of the theater in a good mood. One mood for both of us. Hand in hand, we are walking, and the crash of a crying dove smashing through the restaurant window opens our eyes to the faith we have put in a dying world, and we embrace and mourn the death of something we never knew.

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I want to sing about birds,
and hum about bees,
and think about trees in the clouds.

I want to dream about seashells,
and laugh with you,
and talk about memories that never happened.

I just dreamed about beating up a very short man handcuffed to a wall. He had handcuffed himself to the wall in front of a poster for his new record. It was called ‘four times seven’ for some reason. He wanted me to buy a copy. He was a feisty little guy. For some reason, I decided to pound on him a bit instead. I didn’t beat him up too bad, though. I felt bad about it afterwards, too. I helped him get down off the wall. It sort of seemed like he might have been used to getting beat up.

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Nothing changes.
Nothing changes.
Nothing changes.
Nothing changes.
I do not change.
I want to change.
I wish I could change.
I feel the change,
in my pocket.
And I hold on to it.

lovers and loving
huggers and hugging
singers and thinking
all hand in hand.

sinkers and sinking
droopers and drooping
drippers and sipping
all together at once,
and apart but looking inward.

We, alone but together,
feeling memories dripping down
from the clouds of perspiration
drifting up from our sweaty brows.

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elect me
my platform is rising.
you can hear it if you listen close.

share your songs with me,
folk singer, close to the earth.
I’ll take you home tonight,
and feed you white rice.

trice I spread my plastic wings,
ready to leap.
My faith will plummet down with me,
But you will not let me crash.
I’m sure.

and nails.
trails open to my feet.
political action from far away,
blinding white lies meet me half way.

desperate dispersion
reckless persuasion
an enemy lost, and never to be seen again.

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trembling toes reach into shivering water
brown leaves float shyly nearby, whipped by the wind.
laughing children wash in and out over the horizon,
The setting sun burns golden through the branches.

I can smell my ideas floating just out of reach sometimes.

tip top toes.
rock road rows.
sipping sorpulent sores.
suck. sock.

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thank you for this feast of melon and collies
and thank me for this fine table I have prepared.
And thank us for tormenting our souls
with uneeded worrying and whining
and watch as I toast and be merry.

beat beat
I have nearly completed another beat.

Have you heard?
The beat, the beat is coming!
And the beat, the beat, the beat is on fire.

Catch some breath and some wind. Catch it if you can.

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Hello, my lovelies.
I now invite you to peruse through the offerings at another persona I have up online…
Let me know if you give it a listen and have any thoughts or whatever. I have more tracks in the works that I will put up shortly.

Life is taking an interesting turn. There’s still a few too many downer vibes for complete comfort, but all in all things are looking up. La la lala. Yay for me.

vibin it.
Squarepusher is a mad man.

Some feathers were ruffled in the office today. It happenes. I got a catalog of cool stuff to reward people… like certificates for employee of the month and stuff. Sorta random. I think I might order some of it, though.

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I’ve been dreaming.
Have I been dreaming about you?

I’ve been thinking.
Have I been thinking about the world around me, or perhaps the world outside?

I’ve been swimming,
Swimming through a sea of incompatible impossibilities, or so I might like to think.

The world is not as broken as I used to believe, but I don’t know if I am strong enough to deal with the alternative.