On my way home from the studio tonight, I started thinking about all the cars I was passing and the differences between the lives of the people in the cars passing and the cars being passed.

I don’t drive an especially fast car, but the years of living in Los Angeles have had an impact on my driving. I like to be going 80 mph whenever possible. And whenever I’m behind someone who is not going as fast as traffic will allow, I start cursing them in my head and wondering why in the hell they aren’t in a hurry.

Sometimes I like to humor myself and think I’m just driving more quickly so I can spend more time wherever it is I’m going. But I’ve realized that I also sometimes try to do non-car-related things quickly, too. I like to feel like I’m accomplishing lots of things every day and week.

I think maybe I feel like I won’t have time to do all the things I want to do if I don’t accomplish lots of things all the time…

But I started thinking in the car tonight that maybe I’m just rushing through life and not really living it as fully as I could be. I’m starting to worry that I might end up fifty and realize I haven’t really lived. Just accomplishing things and not living pretty much just makes you a robot.

I don’t think I’m really quite that bad, but it is something to think about when you’re driving down a familiar road as quickly as you can.

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There’s a string of hope, trailing from the top of the highest peak to the top of the highest man-made monument. It connects the almighty power of creation with the almighty everythingness of human invention.

I’m thinking of small things.
Lots of small things, circling about looking for one another.
If they do happen to find each other, they don’t know what to do. They just bump into each other and stop for a moment, puzzled, and then continue on. Maybe they don’t even actually realize they are looking for each other. And then maybe they really aren’t even looking for each other at all. Maybe they really are just flying around with no purpose at all.

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What does it mean when a girl is standing across the room and you catch her looking at you, and then perhaps a little while later you find her standing near you, but not looking?

Is she waiting for you to talk to her?
If so, what’s she want you to say to her? If not, what’s in the heck is going on?

laughing at something that isn’t really funny just because I want you to laugh, too.
and then ever so happy that you laugh just because I laugh, and I know we could be lovers.
But then also knowing that possibly we will never be because that’s just how the world I am in works.
But then still for that moment not really caring because you are laughing and just right then there’s nothing I could want more.

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There was a crazy festival in the streets today. All sorts of African food and clothing, and lots of other random stuff, too.

I’ve heard more foreign languages while I’ve been in Boston than ever before in my life. Crazy place, sometimes.

police, disrupting your flow.
take it you do, and you go.
yes. indeed. what a shame.
intensities crowded and butted out.
terrors torn to know.


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I spent the evening with a bunch of really nice and wonderful people. Family and friends of a friend. One time meetings are always pretty easy to do, though, I guess. That doesn’t take anything away from it for me, though. (Cynical me!)

I hope I manage to have some more fun times like that in coming weeks.

I really do like meeting new people. It gives me a chance to really watch myself some more… Self.

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Long thinking about long faces and longer spaces between words.
Trailing thoughts and trailing dots and an ease of mind escapes us.
Boiling imbeciles might release some tension, but not for long.

speckled seasons
frowning reasons
bleaching sandals
and beaching vandals
exploding our desire to thrill.

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Time is always pounding down on my head like the beat of a hot hot sun far overhead. Relentless.
I’m fair-skinned, too. Those two don’t mix.

When I start to lose track of what I’ve been accomplishing, the internal tension starts to build… The frustration and minor aggravation grows. And then that makes it harder to accomplish things… more in the way and all that. Trends like that are what keep me thinking.

So, what to do?
Do do do.
Forget about everything (or almost) and do something.

Have faith in your ability to be content. Find that place. You don’t have to stay there, but you should at least keep one finger pointing at it as you shoot scoot through the stratosphere.

Oh ho.

Connections colliding.
Spawning recitals of poetry and song.
Redirecting wisps of smoke…

To the end of endings,
and the dawn of power,
You’ll follow my trail with your nose.

Hear me cry your name,
again and again. Will you know?

Repeat and redirect and reject, perhaps.
Overemphasize and misdirect and in effect,

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Miami bars stay open and serve alcohol until 4am! That’s some crazy alcohol action there. Los Angeles is downright repressed.

The clubs here lean even more toward the meat market end of things, from what I’ve heard, though. Makes some sense since so many people walk around wearing next to nothing. I’m not one to complain, though.

Winter Music Conference in Miami: The Special Report

We’re down with day 1 of the week-long Winter Music Festival in sunny, wild Miami Beach, Florida. The Winter Music Festival is a gathering of people involved in the underground dance music industry. It’s a great chance to see and hear lots of great DJ’s and producers and do what you can to talk to them and exchange contact info. It’s also a great time to do a whole lot of partying. What else are a bunch of music people going to do?

We spent most of the day yesterday waiting in line to register and sitting around with other people here for the conference. Last night, we made our way out to South Beach (the place to party in Miami) for a big overpriced massive. We got in for the low low pre-sale price of $45. Tickets at the door were $60! It went all day and ended at 11pm. Rabbit in the Moon closed the show with an interesting set. I had never seen them before and wasn’t actually ready for the stage show. It’s worth checking out if they ever come to you area.

After that party, Jorge and I made the 16 block trek to a club called Zanzibar where LA’s Junglist Platoon were hosting a small party with a lot of local LA drum n bass DJ’s as well as special guest John B! Everyone involved played great sets, and the Corona was warm and welcoming, as always.

Today, we’re reclining in the Ambassador suite, waiting for some food. Maybe we’ll even do something halfway productive later.

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I think I may have met someone new last night. Well, actually I did meet several people I had never met before, but I may have met one that might actually become a recurring character.

I like it when things are in an upswing and they keep going that way. I just have to remember to not let the first upset spoil the whole thing. up up up!

I had to wait 3 hours in line to get into an overcrowded party last night. It could have been fun, but I was hungry and tired by the time I got in. I ended up leaving after about 20 minutes. That was $20 well spent, I think.

Oh well. I’m sure there was some reason for it that’s beyond my scope of understanding. Yeah. ahaha.

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Claw your way up my back and perch your head on my shoulder.
Wrap your legs around my neck and bend all the way over.
A naked trickle of salty semen drips from the corner of my mouth and a drop or two falls down and lands with a splick on your bare behind.

We are love and lust and fuck you combined, and we are never really alive, but you can’t get rid of us no matter how hard you try to close your eyes.

(hey, you know what? I make this up.)

There is a silencing factor in the world today. If you want to keep what you have, you won’t speak out against the powers that have made it possible for you to have those things. I used to be irreverent and fuck all that shit and what-not, but now I have more things, and I like those things, and I am quiet.

The truth.

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I connected with some people last night. I don’t really connect as deeply as I used to… I think things are going on in my life that don’t really have analogs in some of the other lives around me. I’m starting to need to seek out the people that I really can relate with. They are out there… but I set things up in such a way that I relate with one person on one level and another person on another level and I just keep spacing it out like that so I don’t have to worry about releasing the innards of my heart to any single person. Or something, I guess.

I think perhaps I put a little too much thought into my every action. It’s starting to restrict my growth as a person… Although I am coming to a lot of interesting conclusions about the human condition. whoo.

The things in my head go round and round, round and round, round and round. The things in my head go round and round, all night long.

And still I can’t figure out what I’m trying to formulate… and I fear it’s because I don’t want to come to the answer that seems obvious. I can’t bring myself to decide something I don’t want to be.

So, instead I just analyze over and over and recalculate and attempt to determine where I might be wrong. And then eventually I just decide I don’t really know, even though I might.

I just play games with myself and it really does suck up a whole lot of time.

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The real world is shuffling by me while I’m just paying attention to imaginary ones. That might be. But I don’t really know what’s so desirable about the real world. I don’t know what’s so darn good about “real”.

I was just dreaming about something I’ve dreamed before. I like it when that happens. It feels like maybe there is something else going on somewhere.

In this dream, I am standing in an official office of some sort, like maybe a post office. There’s a counter and a bunch of people waiting in line. Up on the wall are a bunch of big posters, with words printed on them in a typewriter sort of font (like courier, probably). The posters seem to be segments of a Kurt Vonnegut story I haven’t read. There are also some other posters with other things printed on them. A few tell the story of a local 16 year old boy who runs the local computer repair place. It tells me he saved up for a year to get his new G4 450 (whoo!), and it also mentions that “other computers are just beers”. Sort of funny. Pro-mac dream.

The Kurt Vonnegut story is interesting, too… I guess I just made it up, but there isn’t a whole lot to it.

Mostly the dream just seems to be telling me that I’m staring at words on the wall while the world is shuffling about around me.

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One time, one.
An announcement.
Coming soon to follow up on the reinvention of idallas.com comes the much too long awaited iThug.com. Respect it.

One time.

I have also just finished Skinny Legs and All. It’s quite cataclysmic in a very subtle way. Good read if you’re having some trouble thinking.

I really think people in the middle of the country might be dumber than people on the coasts. I know comedians have said such things in the past… but I think it might really be true. I don’t know why… I’m working on some theories, still.


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Despite all the magick things to think about, I can still see it all slip by all these people. They sit still and they laugh and they sip their long island ice teas, and they feel proud of themselves and of their position in life. An american life is composed of a series of snapshots of this and that, Kodak moments. There is no continuity or memory. Everything turns out ok in the end.

We’re so sad.

A refreshing, slow day yesterday keeps me humming to myself today. I’m not too worried about this or that thing, or that or this problem. I’m wandering from thought to thought where just days ago, I was trying hard not to race. I do feel that maybe something solid has been lifted from our shoulders, though I don’t want to be too quick to assume. And maybe it’s all just magick, and maybe I believe it.

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Complex. And separated.
Intricate and dynamic.
It’s a stuggle.
And I deal with it every day.

I don’t know what to say to who and what to feel about who and who cares about what and why… and I don’t know whose feelings to worry about hurting and whose to not give a fuck about.

I want to fuck a lot of people I don’t know… and for some reason not that many I do know. And I think it might be some sort of weird association with this concept of S-E-X as some sort of great reward or some show of power or something fundamentally fucked up like that.

Well. There are shifting issues going on around me, and I try to not get involved, and that just gets me in more trouble, and now I’m starting to see a possible new very big situation develop and I’m starting to really think about it a lot and hang a lot of emotions on it, and I really hope it doesn’t turn out to just be another big issue.

Another big issue.

I am signing in my head sometimes. I am hearing the invisible raindrops bounce off the tin roof I call my mind. I am. Hahah.

I am putting some words together in some sort of attempt to avoid really saying anything at all. I am bobbling about and juggling with the truth. Haha. I am.

I am wanting to be great, and I am almost willing to admit it to myself. I crave power like anybody, and I know that, and I want to not think about it, but I don’t know if that will make it go away. For some reason, I think it won’t.

And I have been thinking about Cuba in a very real way, and I don’t know if I could give up everything I’ve gained for myself and my friends just so that a bunch of people I dislike can be equal to me. I guess actually a lot of those people might flee with the shit hits the proverbial fan, though. I guess. Yeah. hahah.

And the cup. What about the cup? Is it going down? Or it is going up? It could be 1/3 full and rising or not. I dunno. It’s like thinking about whether the universe is expanding or contracting…. Who cares? Seriously.

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Delicate drizzlings
a hot affair, indeed
a miscued memory
or an anxious obsession

tick-tocking tapestries
and overbearing wall patterns
ridiculous details
or an over-powered mind

longing, oh so wanting
for a smell half as sweet
to find its way to rest near me
and madden my nova desires

Yeah, the sweet smells of nauseous obsession. Sweet. When you want something, and you think you should have it, but then it just doesn’t come. Or maybe it comes, but not with you. Or something sinister like that.

And it’s weird, because times like that are what most make me feel human. I feel very not in control of the situation. I’m just riding along on my fantasies. Or maybe on somebody else’s fantasies that I’ve just read or seen on TV.

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I got a super-duper inspiring nice email today. I really need those emails at times like these.

I managed to get out of the building to hang out for a bit last night. The server problems had to sit and wait, but I needed a break.

here’s a poem:

sloppy joes
on my plate
I need a bun
before it’s too late!

I get some bread
white and dry
and then I stick the meat and synthetic flavoring mixture between it
and then I eat


stupid dunderhead crackers decided to fuck our shit up.
we’ve been working constantly for a few days now to fix everything, and more things are coming up broken all the time.

this will never happen again, we’ll make sure of that. but it still sucks this time.

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Why can’t I just be happy?
Why do I always get hung up on all of the little things that just aren’t perfect? Will I just be chasing those magical mystical rainbows my whole life? Every step I take leads me to want something different. Another color. Something more this or more that. Not even more perfect… just more something else.

It’d almost be somehow easier to manage if it were perfection I’m looking for… at least then I could just mark it up to me being silly and move on with my life… but as it is, it just feels like maybe there really is something else out there drawing me ever onward.

Things are definitely starting to shape up around here… the playroom now has a nice new ping-pong table to go with the pool table… as well as a fancy new dart board! Woo. I haven’t had a chance to play darts in forever! I played a little bit today… I think I’m gonna really get into it… Dartmasterdom, here I come!

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Happy birthday idallas.com!

yesterday was the one year anniversary of your favorite website.

I had a web phenomenon with the idallacam brand webcam.

Unfortunately, Simon and Josh took the camera to make a movie in Venice Beach, so the web cam phenomenon ended early!

It was back up again for a little while tonight. Check back often!

Why is it so hard to eat with a group of 6 people? Or more, I suppose?

I guess it just makes things harder for the eating establishment, and it makes you officially a large group… it takes more than one car … the whole shebang.

I think maybe I will make an effort to minimize the times that I eat in a group that large. It’s ok for special occasions like birthdays or bar mitzvahs, but not for day to day sustenance.

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the authorities.
in control.
kickin’ your shit.
all over hell and back.

And they expect respect.
they expect admiration and cooperation.

when they are the cause of every problem.

it’s a tough job, right?
and some niggaz gotta do it.
or do they?

I like to go to a party and see some kids bopping and smiling and sweating and all that… and sometimes it makes me feel like maybe all these things going through my head don’t really matter… and maybe they don’t for that one instant.

Maybe, we are all one and we are dancing to the beat of the sun. And the heat is beating down. And we are feeling it.

And we are loving it.
And we are loving each other.
And the music is feeling us feeling it.

And the music doesn’t stop.
And we plop down, to the ground.

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a truffle
a shuffle
a moan and a gruff word

a slap
a giggle
an ooh and an ahah ahhh.

a worm
a wiggle
a 9-month waiting list

a peep
a cry
a worthwhile pain

An explosion is caused by the collision of two minds, each bent on triumph. A roar and an aaarrrgh, and the clash of cold steel.

This warrior stands alone, and no crowd is there to watch. The rich smell of blood hangs heavy in the damp air, and the only sound is the sizzle of ancient electric lines, conduits of power long misunderstood.

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I’ve had the sound of the rain to keep me company all day. It’s a nice sound. It’s soothing. I wish my head wasn’t so heavy so I could maybe appreciate it more.

Things are going well, but it feels like my grip is slipping. It’s that moment right before you let go of something heavy and it crashes down. There’s a moment where you have time to do something, but you are paralyzed by the knowledge that there is nothing you can do.

I should just be happy for what I have.
For some reason, I can’t be, though. I always want more. I see things and I want them. It’s how I know I’m alive, I think.

Maybe it really is all about love. Maybe. Maybe.

We had a really great party last night.
Good amount of people. No dunderheads doing anything to mess things up. Good sound.

But we lost loads of money. Der.
It happens. It’s easier to deal with when the party itself was cool, too.

It was an unlucky date or something. We had to make some last minute changes, and it made some small issues bigger issues.

And boy am I tired today.

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I think I may have caught step-throat! Doh!
I need to be more careful.

This should have gone in Daily Beating… but I had a nice dream. I met a couple of girls with lots of tattoos and they told me about a crazy club where some people were smoking out of a 4-foot bong with a massive bowl.

I declined the offer.

“I love it when a plan comes together.”

The building is ours! The lease has been signed! I made copies of the key and distributed them. Now we have to start on the long trek ahead… moving in, setting up phones, internet, etc, installing alarm system, replacing some carpet, repainting some parts, buying furniture and equipment.

The whole shebang.

New Dream Network World Headquarters and
The Los Angeles Center for the Exploration of Hyper-Modern Art
is born.

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The Ego Issue.

Is it good for each person to have an ego?

Does that only lead to competition and eventually violence?

Or can multiple egos coexist peacefully?

Most people would like to think so, and I would like to as well.

But I don’t really know.

I cannot go on without the knowledge that other people are seeing what I am doing.

I am unable to exist without some eyes watching me. I am attention-hungry… but I still slink to the back of a room in public situations. I still stay out of conversations and try to not be noticed anymore than my unusual appearance warrants.

I need to know that I am not quite a part of the group, but that the group still knows I am there.

(I think I need to change the name of these postings.)

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Things are coming together.

Things are going well.

Things are happening.

And I realize that.

And I am glad about it…

But I still always have that nagging feeling that things could be going even better… I am never content.

But… there are always other people doing other things… and you just have to try to figure out what you need, and then decide if you have that or if you need to work toward getting something more.

I am always hungry for more. I am not satisfied with what I have. I never am. It’s a bit of a curse. It certainly gets in the way of relationships.

I am not quite a perfectionist because I don’t believe in perfection. I believe that something can always be better or worse.

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Not a single person made any indication that the last gcoid posting went out at all.

Nobody unsubscribed. Nobody subscribed. And nobody sent me email.

I didn’t seem to have any effect at all.


I didn’t go out last night. I stayed home and got to know my computer a little better.

That’s a good thing to do once in awhile… and this weekend has seemed so long as a result!

I think we’re going to go out tomorrow night, though. After Ally!

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I worked on a track last night. It’s coming along. I have to fight the urge to record it before it’s ready, though. The problem with that is I’ll probably get tired of it before it’s finished enough to be ready.

Maybe I should just record when I want to and just keep adding pieces and components and keep working on stuff and just go go go.

That sounds good.

We visited a paintball park the other day. We didn’t do any shooting, but I can say that’s a weird place!

Stayed up way late again. Had a good breakfast, though.

Fiddling with damn computer and sound card. Bunch of crap if you ask me.

I’m still worried about the state of the world. No real developments there from what I can tell. I did sleep all day, though.

I’m starting to really think about the way I interact with other people, especially possible love interests. I really louse things up most of the time.

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Fun party.
Small, lots of new people. I kept myself, but a couple of cuties paid me some dues and gave me some attention. Life is ok.

It’s getting better overall, I’d say.

Lemme see. some words of wisdom…

If you can forget that you’re falling down a long hole that will almost certainly end in your end, you might be able to take some time to watch the scene that’s passing you by.

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Sometimes it’s hard to say or do what you really think you should do. Sometimes, you get into a looop where you question why you think you should do it, and you think maybe you’re wrong, and you start to worry that it might not work out the way you think.

But none of that matters. But you still end up just standing around and waiting for a miracle or something instead of just jumping in and feeling the water cover you from the tips of your toes to the top of your fool head.

No matter how many things I think about and mull over and get all excited or pissed off about … walking through a kitchen with some fresh food and a bunch of spices and seasonings and all sorts of other delectables all bunched together and a smell that makes you stop and sniff… well, that just makes me not care for minute.

Food is good!

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It’s rough.
Time takes its toll.
But you’ve got to hang tough.

And who are young politicians looking up to today? President Clinton actually has sex.
He’s no good. Who else is there? There are probably some good senators or something, but who knows anything about them?
Maybe young politicians keep up on that stuff. Maybe they read the paper and stuff.

I hope they learn something.
We could really use some people in office who really give a fuck (metaphorically rather than literally).

kids are cool.
They talk cooler than adults.
They dress cooler than adults.
They think cooler than adults.

They are still young enough to quit smoking and still live a long time.
They are still young enough to make big mistakes and still have an
ok life.

Kids are great.
I just wish they could be as wonderful and innocent as they are and still sort of have some greater view of things at the same time.

I guess the idea is for everyone to try to retain the best parts of being a kid as you grow up. Don’t let those little kid-things slip away just because you have to deal with frustrating situations all the time. Hold on to your inner-kid.

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I’m glad that people seem to be able to work together and solve problems and figure things out. I’m glad that people don’t give up on each other that easilly and we give each other a chance to improve ourselves and change the world.

I’m glad that the sun comes up in the morning and shines through my window. I’m glad I have a good spot to put a plant (when I get around to buying one).

People are so dumb.
They can’t seem to pay attention to the world around them and actually make sense of anything at the same time. If someone is making sense of something, she/he is almost certainly not paying attention to everything else going on. And vice versa.

The result of that is that no one seems to be able to put 4 and 4 together after they have put two different sets of 2 and 2 together. Nobody can integrate all of their knowledge together to form anything resembling an opinion or (gasp) a creative thought.

I think it’s the fault of our dull public education system. Where’s the philosophy? Where’s the art? Where’s the inspiration?

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It gets in the way sometimes.

I’d rather not need it.

But it does feel so nice to go to bed when you’re really tired.

But right now, I have stuff to do, and I’ve already slept the last few days away.

So, work work work it is.

Sometimes I look out at the sky, and I clap my hands over my ears and I open up my lungs with a great big breath of air and I think about everything that is bothering me and I scream.

And that makes me feel better.

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People in Ohio are not nearly as interested in preserving themselves forever as people in LA. I think people here might actually be a bit more well-adjusted to their situation. They know that they’re about as pretty as they’re ever going to be. They take life along with its shortcomings and they enjoy their coffee and their cigarettes and their country music.

They also all drive American cars. Well, about 90% anyway. Serious.

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I hung out with some more relatives yesterday. I hadn’t seen them for 13 years. They commented on how tall I was. They didn’t remark on my facial piercings.

They are probably a bit old-fashioned, but they took things in stride. They’re sort of old, but not decrepit in the least. I expected them to be much less able to converse. I have a lot to learn about old people.

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Why is it there are things that people do not talk about with each other? What is everyone so afraid of? People start out as children and as children we are taught to not talk about certain things in public. We are taught to be afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings. So, then we are taught to isolate some of our thoughts from other thoughts. Some thoughts become acceptable and others are not. I believe that is an unhealthy mental situation. There should be no walls or divisions within our thoughts. That only leads to walls or divisions between ourselves and between each other.

All these words are piling
up in my head and
sometimes no ones is
there to listen to me…
and I admit it gets sort
of old anyway…

So I tell you, and you
listen. Always. You never
get tired of hearing me
spill the mysteries of my mind.

You are my soul.

(this goes along with the
Weekly Shine)

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I went to IKEA today. I found a really nice water kettle there to replace the hell-spawn one we have at our house now. Our current one gets really hot and does nothing to notify you that it’s job is done and the water is boiling.

I believe the new one will fix both of those problems.

While we were at IKEA, I was mistaken for an employee by some knucklehead. I am comfortable with the way I present myself to the world, but I might need to consider a change in wardrobe.

Maybe just a slight directional shift might even help.

I should consider starting to shift my wardrobe towards something a little less like a furniture store employee uniform.

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Thanksgiving weekend is over. The holidays have begun. Can I get an X-M-A-S? Yay!

So. On this holiday season, I’d like to send out my warmest wishes to all of you, each and every one. And I’d like to also recommend that if you have something to say you say it with flowers. That’s the way all the cool kids are doing it.

I rearranged my room a few days ago… check the current Weekly Shine for a picture!

I’m sort of dogged out today. I had too much fun this weekend, I guess… too much. And now I’m not certain what I should be doing (I normally work on Sunday evening … bad habit left over from college, I guess) or what.

One of the nice things about school was the structure. It was always pretty easy to tell what you were neglecting. If you went to class, you had a syllabus and it told you what you should be doing. Easy.

Now, I have to keep track of it myself. Maybe I should make up my own syllabus…

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We went to a daytime thing today… it was a promotional thing for something or another… I don’t know exactly what. It was sorta fun. There were 20 or 30 kids there and Jorge played pretty good.

I had a can of Asahi to help me get my groove on. It helped. Beer goes well with Sundays. There’s something about that day right before the start of the work week that makes you want to forget about some of the things you normally worry about. Beer’s good for that. I don’t tend to drink more than one, though. One is enough to just mellow you out without really triggering that drink-till-yer-drunk instinct.

So. Today was mellow. Now I’m gonna do the Weekly Shine and rearrange my room a bit. A good end to the week (even if the Weekly Shine is a bit late).

My room is too small! I’ve been gradually accumulating electronic equipment over the past year or so. I’ve also been gradually organizing things more and more to fit stuff in, but it’s becoming quite clear that I need a bigger room. Unfortunately, there are no free rooms in my house… I’ll just have to deal.

I’m gonna try to do a more drastic rearrangement tonight… I have an idea that might give me some more space and more desktop space… that would make me happy.

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Wiley Willy saw a cloud floating through the sky. He wanted to touch it. How can you
touch a cloud?
he thought. They are so high! He still wanted to touch it.
He looked around for things that he could climb on. He saw a milk crate. Not tall enough.
He saw a garbage can. Not tall enough either. He looked around at the buildings around
him. What if he climbed one of those buildings? So he did! He climbed up on top
of his house and stood on the roof and stretched up as far as he could and tried
to touch the clouds. He wasn’t anywhere near where he needed to be. He would have
to go into the city to climb one of the tall buildings. So he went into the city. He
looked up at all of the very tall buildings and tried to figure out which one was the
tallest. They are all so tall! he thought. He picked one of them and went in
the front door. The security guard at the front desk was distracted by another man who
he was talking to so Willy was able to get into the elevator and ride it to the top.
When the elevator stopped, he got out and started to walk around. There are no
windows up here!
he thought. What to do? He decided to try some of the doors.
Some of these rooms must have windows! He tried a door that said CEO and it opened.
He went in and found himself looking at a middle-aged man who most certainly had his
head in the clouds. You could tell by the ridiculous look on his face. Willy went
up to him and asked if he could touch the clouds around his head. He looked at
Willy with a flat expression on his face (he had been practicing that flat expression
for years) and said, “Sure. You can touch the clouds around my head.” And so Willy
did, and he was happy.

Drat! My super powers have faded to a mere glimmer of what they once were! I will
have to use my mortal wits to escape my fate now!

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